• Even only ONE very small bad debt can COST YOU a lot.  Financially and...........

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  • Minimise YOUR Bad Debts NOW

    Training by AMK in person to  MINIMISE  your Bad Debts.   Our USP is that we come to you, and train on your premises, just as many people as you want us to, for ONE FLAT FEE to cover all training and travel and subsistence costs.  
    Save the expense of sending staff to far-flung cities, and risking all that entails.
    AND start seeing an instant return on the truly minimal investment involved.
    FAILING to TRAIN truly is Training to Fail.
    There may be some place somewhere for false modesty and undue humility in business.   BUT this is most definitely not it.
    There is no point in my seeking your TRAINING business if I fail to tell you honestly about my hard-won abilities.   So, with no modesty whatsoever, but with a whole lot of simple truth, I have become exceedingly good at what I do.
    I have successfully trained countless people, from all types of backgrounds, to Control Credit and Collect Overdue Accounts.
    Some of my trainees have even gone onto gain senior positions with MultiNational Companies and massive Financial Institutions.
    LESS than the true cost of just one very small
    Bad Debt should save you many thousands
    As an Accountant myself I have been responsible for, and involved in, Credit Control and Debt Collection for more decades than I might care to remember.
    I am as knowledgeable as I am about this whole field because I have done EVERYTHING from door-stepping debtors to re-possessing goods.
    I have collected FROM the largest MultiNationals (both in Ireland and elsewhere in the world) right down to small one-man-band businesses.
    I have collected FOR small one-man-band businesses right up to massive MNCs.
  • I can train YOUR staff to save YOUR Money    

    Senior Group Management Accountant with Ireland's premier Insurance Brokerage for over 7 years in Dublin and London.

    Anthony M. Kelly

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